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How much does Writer for Rent copywriting cost?

W4R is happy to tell you.


If you are a Creative Director, you already know how much copywriting costs...but if you are new to hiring a professional copywriter, here are industry-standard writing fee guidelines for an expert copywriter with 10,000+ hours experience. Some clients prefer to have an hourly fee: $110/hr for copywriting and $140+/hour for strategy.

The following fee schedule will give you an approximate range of fees for various copywriting projects. Because each client has different requirements from annual reports and print ads to sales brochures or employee training modules and may or may not require complete research and concept development as well as creative direction, W4R will quote each project individually. Copywriting is based on industry standard of approximate 300-word count per copy written page. See the FAQ page for payment structure and kill fees.

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Range of Fees for Copywriting Projects

Advertisement Full Page
$500 - $1700

Advertisement Fractional Page
$400 - $1200

$700 - $1200/page

Billboard Ad
$400 - $1500

Blogs (please inquire)

$400 - $650/ page

Brochures (per 300 words)
$200 - $500

Bus Board /Shelter Ad
$400 - $1400

Catalog (per page) $150 - $450

Magalog (direct mail magazine)
$10,000 - $15,000

Case Study
$500 - $2000

Data Sheet
$400 - $800/page

Direct Mail Postcard for direct response deck
$500 - $1500

• Self mailer, 11 x 17, folded to 4 panels $2000 - $3500

• Self mailer, 8.5 x 11, folded to 6 panels $1200 - $2800

Direct mail package
Consists of a #10 outer envelope, 1 to 2-page sales letter, brochure, simple reply card.
$2800 - $6200

Direct mail package
(Ideal for smaller mailing of a specialized product)
$3500 - $8500

Direct mail package
(ideal for mass audience)
$4200 - $8500

Feature Article
$1,200 - $3500

(please inquire)

Infomercial (half hour)
$3,000 - $10,000

Manuals - How To Guides 
$4,000 - $30,000+

Mobile Messaging $150+

New Product Name $1200 - $3400

$500 - $600/page

Press Releases (1-2 pages)
$300 - $600

Radio Commercial (30/60sec)
$250 - $500

Sales collateral
• 1-2 page lead generating sales letter, $700 - $2400
• 4-page letter to generate mail-order sales $2600 -$2400 Speech Writing (20 minute)
$1,500 - $4,000

$400 - $1400

Training Modules (print or online)
$1500 - $5,000+

Video Script (10 minutes)
$1250 - $1800

Web Site (entire site)
$2000 - $27000

Web Site Content
$200 - $400/web page

Web Site Home Page
$400 - $900

Web Usability Testing


Writer for Rent, Freelance Copywriter, specializes in web site copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting and search engine marketing strategies. Writer for Rent writes extensively for advertising agencies, marketing managers and  advertising account executives.

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