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Wed, Jun 23rd, 2010
Earthquake on June 23 - Social Media Reports It First
Posted By: Angela Pause

As I was having lunch at my kitchen table, I felt a sudden odd tremor...yes, the table was actually shaking for several seconds. Hmmm...an earth tremor? Of course no one expects them, especially in our neck of the woods (although the last one happened a couple of years back).  To confirm that I was not going nuts, I went to the most reliable instant news source I could find. My computer to check my Twitter and Facebook updates. Yes, within 20 seconds of it happening, people were posting on their Facebook and Twittering.

Just now, I received an Instant News Alert from the local radio station (20 minutes after the fact). The Globe and Mail Twitter feed had it about 10 minutes after the fact.

So, there you go. The people report the news as it happens.

Oh, by the way, Reuters is reporting that the #earthquake was a magnitude 5.5.

And that is how my world was rocked today.


Wed, Jun 23rd, 2010 6:02pm

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