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Wed, Oct 6th, 2010
TEDxWaterloo: We are in good hands
Posted By: Angela Pause

For the last few months I have had the pleasure of working with some young and exciting people in Kitchener-Waterloo. KDub as it's known. These youngsters (okay, in their twenties and early thirties) are real movers and shakers. They are engaged and excited about expanding culture to the community. They are the moving force behind Ignite Waterloo and TEDxWaterloo. Both amazing events that bring together interesting and interested people. They are the "farmers" of ideas. They help to cultivate the intellectual landscape and sow the seeds of imagination, ideation and creation. And, like all farmers, they have to work incredibly long hours to see the fruition of their work.

They inspire me. They are connected via technology and through the old fahioned and time-honoured method of meeting for drinks at the pub. They are silly and serious. And all are incredibly beautiful (I wish I had known 20 years ago that every young person is just naturally beautiful because of their youth!). And they are smart. Wickedly smart. They wrangle technnology like they breathe air. 

And they are fun. Why they let me be a small part of their community is a mystery. Sure, it helps to have some old school experience when it comes time to do certain things (everyone loves a writer when something needs to be written well) and, frankly, I am of an age where I know a lot of people. People that can be useful.  Occasionally.   I try and repay their kindness for letting me play with them by doing what I can to help their causes. A press release here, a letter there, a phone call or two to someone I know. It's all small potatoes but I enjoy it thoroughly.

Truthfully, the very best part of this is that I now know a whole group of amazing young folks who are making a difference. And shortly, I will be introducing my teenage daughters to this group of young leaders - and fun people. These are kinds of people I want my daughters to know - and become. (And they are definitely on their way.)

TEDxWaterloo is coming up in March 2011. Be there. Or Be Sorry.

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Wed, Oct 6th, 2010 1:40am

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