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Mon, Jul 25th, 2011
Hillside Music Festival: Getting your groove on
Posted By: Angela Pause
Music: Gangi Giri

I just got back from a weekend at Hillside Music Festival in Guelph, Ontario.  Hillside is legendary for being an amazing musical event, as well as attracting immense amounts of rain. But not this weekend. Noooooo...we Hillsiders were treated to Mother Nature's largesse and enjoyed massive amounts of sunshine that required folks to stay well hydrated and covered in sunblock as they got their groove on to the many awesome muscial talents that graced the three stages. The music, of course, was simply stellar.

Part of what makes Hillside so much fun is that it has a definite "hippy" vibe to it but without any of the drawbacks. Wait, maybe there are no drawbacks to being a hippy?  What we always experience at Hillside is a well organized musical event that respects the environment and respects your wallet.  From the reuasable beer mugs (note to self for next year: figure out your carabiner system so you can manage your beer mugs more efficiently!) to the plastic plates and forks that are washed not thrown away, you know that your good time is not causing any harm.  The food tent at Hillside is outstanding. I ate better at Hillside than I do at home (and I am no slouch in the kitchen). The vindaloo lentil curry was divine as was the African peanut stew. Yup, and the prices are ridiculously reasonable. No one has to go broke at Hillside. (At $5/beer it can add up though. But you can always show restraint - if you must!)

Now the music is what it is all about.  And there was some musical talent there that was mind blowing.  Ganga Giri is an Australian band that mixes electronica with Didjeridu ...yeah baby.  You cannot stop dancing to them.  Or the macabre stylings of Graveyard Train. They have a guy with a hammer and chain...that's what he plays. It's like something out of Pulp Fiction.  The Sheepdogs tore down the Island Stage and Hollerado did the same later.  So many bands, so many fun people.

And, by the way, there is nothing wrong with table dancing. Just saying....

What makes Hillside extra special? The people.  I was camping with a group of old and new friends and much to my delight they brought their teenagers along. This group of kids had their guitars and every night after the last band played, we returned to our campsite and these kids jammed for hours.  Up and coming Hillside talent? For sure.  Next year, I am bringing my own teen along - this is her scene!

I love the fact that Hillside exists.  Put happy people and great music together and what do you have? The Best Time Ever.  (Until next year, when we get to do it all over again.)


Mon, Jul 25th, 2011 4:56pm
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