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Sun, Oct 2nd, 2011
TEDxWaterloo: Why I volunteer in my community
Posted By: Angela Pause

I am the marketing lead for TEDxWaterloo 2012, which is an awesome honour and a huge responsibility. Fortunately, I am surrounded by excellent people in the form of 100+ fellow organizers and a seriously talented Executive Committee. (Matt Gorbet, Ramy Nassar, Syd Salmon, David Yoon and Christine Hamon).  No one stands alone and we all share the burden of work - and the sheer joy - of bringing TEDxWaterloo to our community and the world. 

It is a huge investment of time; time that I could be filling with billable hours, which is no small thing for a freelance writer who needs to keep the wolves from the door and the teenage daughters fed. (Most of the time, anyway.) But if I didn't volunteer my time and expertise (which is why they asked me to be marketing lead) I would be a fool.  Only a fool would not realize that TEDxWaterloo is a cultural and intellectual fuel source that is helping to power our community, and my mama did not raise any fools. She did raise children who believed that you had to give back to the community whenever, and however, you can.  In my case, I can take 25+ years of writing, marketing, team leading experience and give it to something that makes a difference in people's lives. Since I am always about ideas, TED, TEDx and TEDxWaterloo are all about (and only about) ideas worth spreading.  It's a natural fit. 

I am pretty jacked about this - and appropriately scared. If I wasn't, I would be a fool... oh, we covered that.  Come back again as I report more on the TEDxWaterloo progress. Right now it's all behind the scenes, but soon it will be launched for public consumption.

Sun, Oct 2nd, 2011 9:26pm
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