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Mon, Jan 9th, 2012
Be the Salad.
Posted By: Angela Pause

The most common concern I hear from clients new to blogging or tweeting is this: What do I have to say that is of interest to people? It's also something they should be least concerned about. What is more important is how you say it. 

What your followers (such a cultish word!) want from you is not earth shattering news on a daily basis, but instead what they really want is your unique perspective on a topic that is of interest to them. If they are following you, chances are you are writing about stuff they care about in the first place. What they get from reading your blog is what YOU think about it and your unique take on that subject. 

No, you are not talking about you (unless the you is so exciting or a A-list celebrity or Kanye West) but using your industry expertise or particular point of view to make a comment on an issue. While you are using the ubiquitous social media channels to get your voice heard, you still need a voice. For better or worse, my voice (and reputation) is "Tell it like it is straight up with no sugar coating." My business advice was once referred to as "...like Buckley's Cough Syrup. Hard to swallow, but it works."  Okay, so it's not dripping with compassion and oozing kindness, but then again, neither I am. I would rather have my clients blogs show some spark of opinion than just rehashing the latest industry news story. 

Marketers, oddly enough, are usually the guiltiest of all in rehashing. In this industry, we have a few "gods" that everyone loves to quote.  Seth Godin is one of them. Guy Kawasaki is another.  Both have a good voice, but people need to stop quoting them endlessly in their own blogs. (Hey, I like Seth. He's smart and any guy who canoes Algonquin Park I can get behind. Guy is great, but I don't know if he canoes.) But we can't live on diet of Seth and Guy only. It'd be like living on steak everyday and nothing else. Make your voice fresh and alive. Be the salad to the steak. Believe me, there are enough readers out there craving fresh stuff that you'll do just fine.  


Mon, Jan 9th, 2012 3:18pm
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