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Ontario and Federal Government Contracts

Writer for Rent, Angela Pause, is an official Vendor of Record for Government of Ontario Writing, Editorial and Editorial Services assignments and projects, as designated under the Advertising Review Board requirements, including:

Vendor of Record Qualification for Angela Pause (Writer for Rent)

  • Writer for Rent has 25 years of demonstrated experience in corporate communications, copy writing, journalism or government communications.
  • Writer for Rent is a professional freelance copywriter carrying out a full-time freelance business writing copy who will perform the writing services on all assigned projects.
  • Angela Pause, operating under the business name, Writer for Rent, holds a Bachelor of Journalism, as well as relevant specialized writing and/or communications training  and related courses.
  • Writer for Rent strives to maintain knowledge of the current government  policies and priorities, according to published sources of public information.

General Requirements

Writer for Rent is available, to clients requiring their services, on very short notice, and will produce a variety of communications products, particularly speeches, under very tight timelines (often 24 hours or less).

Writer for Rent has an established track record, expert knowledge and proven abilities as a professional business communicator in producing

  • Speeches
  • Strategic Message Development/Positioning Statements
  • Presentation Materials (including audio visual, PowerPoint Presentations and editorial research)
  • Media Releases, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Media FAQs
  • Greetings, Matte Articles
  • Brochures, Reports, Web-Based Communications Content

In addition, Writer for Rent will perform the following:

  • As a professional freelance copywriter, Writer for Rent has will work with client staff and other related organizations or contracted suppliers, when needed;
  • Provide draft and final client material in a Microsoft Word format, or in other mutually acceptable formats, if required;
  • Provide source documentation, e.g. quotes, third-party reference materials, statistics, where and when required;
  • Forward password-protected client material by electronic mail;
  • Maintain on Writer for Rent's computer systems, the latest anti-virus software available, from a recognized vendor, to the satisfaction of clients;
  • Will be prepared to electronically encrypt documents as part of the transmission process and ensure their encryption software is compatible with Ontario government encryption software 
  • Writer for Rent owns a Canadian Press Stylebook, and for ensuring their materials are consistent with the guidelines set out therein.
Please contact: Angela@w4r.ca or call at 519-570-3947
Writer for Rent, Freelance Copywriter, specializes in web site copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting and search engine marketing strategies. Writer for Rent writes extensively for advertising agencies, marketing managers and  advertising account executives.
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