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With decades of copywriting experience, Writer for Rent has worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects and campaigns. Everyone on the planet will recognize some of the brands found in this portfolio. The secret to successful copywriting is that you don't need to be famous or work for a giant global ad agency to work with the best companies. You just need to be really good at what you do and prove to your clients that you are trustworthy and bring value to their projects. I prove it in every project because I connect my writing to strategy and genuinely care about helping my clients succeed. Sounds cliche, but it works for me and for my clients.

As a professional freelance copywriter, much of the copywriting work is under contract to Advertising Agencies of Record and marketing communications firms. In many cases W4R is not permitted to reproduce this work online (due to non-disclosure agreements). In these cases, Writer for Rent will simply list the name of the company/ad campaign. When more than copywriting was supplied, it will be noted.

This is a partial listing of Writer for Rent's client and copywriting project experience.

Please click on the brand/company name below for more information about copywriting.

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Writer for Rent, Freelance Copywriter, specializes in web site copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting and search engine marketing strategies. Writer for Rent writes extensively for advertising agencies, marketing managers and  advertising account executives.

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